Friday, 20 June 2014

Rainbow happy mail and late night shopping

How happy is this mail?

I had a bit of a late night shopping spree recently. This is just one purchase but wow! All post should look like this- happy colours, a free zipper pull, and a miracle fish fortune teller. What more does a girl need?

Well a Sew Together bag pattern won't hurt. So pretty soon I'll be making bags and pouches with this rainbow of zips. I won't say I'm late to the party on the Sew Together as the beauty of being crafty is the party never stops and someone new is always joining, not late at all.

  • Zips from Zipit on Etsy - fantastic service, I'll be using this seller again.
  • Sew Together bag pattern from SewDemented - must print the pattern out and make one (or several) soon.

(I'm just playing around with how I put links on the page - no affiliation or reward for me if anyone follows these - I just want to make them easy to find for my own later use).

Are you a late night shopper?



  1. Hey Kendra! I love the photos of the zips.....I've got to go and check out that seller. I had good intentions of making the sew together bag....but I read the pattern a dozen times and couldn't wrap my head around will try again another time!
    In relation to being able to follow you - I would suggest a "Bloglovin" button would be good......a lot of readers (like me!) use Bloglovin to follow blogs. Also, altering the widths of your columns will help with your sidebar not overlapping your main page. I'll find a tutorial for you if you need it! xx


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